Getting the downloadable source for my books is essential if you want a good reading experience. Unfortunately, some of you have had a very difficult time finding the source code for my books! Not all of my books (or even a small percentage of them) appear here now, but I keep adding more. Make sure you let me know what you think about this solution to the problem of locating the source code for my books using the contact page.

The source code for my books is listed in alphabetical order by book title. To download the source, simply locate the book in the list and click the download link next to it. You’ll receive a .zip file that you can open on your local hard drive. I’ve chosen this approach because it seems to be the method that most of my readers prefer.

If the book you’re using has datasets, then you need to download the datasets as a separate item in most cases. The source code file and/or the book will tell you where to obtain the dataset online. The exception is custom datasets, which will always appear with the downloadable source. The reason for not including the datasets is to reduce the size of the download. In addition, the downloadable source won’t contain any executable files to prevent antivirus software from rejecting it. Again, I’ll tell you where to locate or download the appropriate file.