A picture of the front of The Gunky Cookbook featuring all of the story characters.
The Gunky Cookbook

Imagine a realm where a Chocolate Princess reigns supreme. Of course, being a Chocolate Princess means that she lives exclusively on chocolate, right? Follow the adventures of the Chocolate Princess and her friends as she learns that even a Chocolate Princess can’t exist on just chocolate. Each of the stories acts as an introduction to the associated recipe, all of which are designed to be kid friendly, interesting, and nutritional at the same time. You’ll also find some useful experiments that kids can perform and even a few crafting ideas. The cookbook does include nutrition information for each of the recipes. In addition, there are some recipes designed around the needs of those with food allergies. You can obtain this book on Amazon.

A picture of the Wuggly Bump in the town of Clean at night.
Tail of the Wuggly Bump

The town of Clean is home to an unusual dragon, a dragon that cleans. He’s called the Wuggly Bump because of the noise he makes as he moves from place-to-place at night. Things are not as they seem though. The town is under a curse and a coming war will change the town of Clean forever. The town’s hero plays odd instruments, reads a lot, and hides from danger. There is also a pretty girl, she’s in love with the hero, but also very interested in her magic. To make things even more interesting, there is a Lord Spy who keeps darks secrets and no one believes. Follow this interesting tale about the unusual tail of the Wuggly Bump to discover the deep secrets of a place that sees enchantments as being quite usual and ordinary. You can obtain this book on Amazon.